Fairview Coffee was an idea that developed over a period of time.

On 2nd December 2010 it became a reality when Adam and Sylvain opened the doors.

The rest is history

Why did you choose the name Fairview Coffee?
Remember the American series about 4 woman in Wisteria Lane. Well it was kind of the inspiration. Bree baking , the girls getting together to play cards. It inspired an atmosphere and a certain warmth.

During a road trip to the US in 2010, we spotted a sign outside of Chicago -> FAIRVIEW.
That was it. Fairview is the name of the city of desperate housewives. It was a sign the future coffee shop had to be called Fairview Coffee.
There and then we decided on the name.


Coffee was to focus of Fairview and as trained Barista we explored several methods of making and selling coffee. It wasn’t an easy task to convince French people to move from espresso to filter or drip coffee.
Having tasted drip or brewed coffee made correctly, there was no going back

Cupcakes were also an integral part of Fairview life and celebrated many events including a Royal Wedding.
Over the years, cupcakes became another symbol of Fairview Coffee

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures”

Eventually, Adam and Sylvain decided that the Fairview Coffee adventure was to come to end. in July 2012, the business was sold to Manly company and continued to trade as Fairview Coffee.

They returned occasionally as customers and were always warmly welcomed. It still felt like home and was deep in their souls.

In 2018, Fairview Coffee as a coffee finally closed and was replaced with another coffee shop but a complete change of name and style. Fairview Coffee disappeared into the sunset.

Celebrating the history – keeping it simple

In 2020, Fairview Coffee is back in action with a blog celebrating the history of Fairview Coffee , sharing recipes and useful information about making coffee at home.

The tag line “Welcome Home” or as it was in French Bienvenue chez vous is certainly valid here as well as another motto – keeping it simple